The History of Mike Marsh - The Man!

Mike MarshMike spent 28 years mastering at The Exchange Mastering Studios in London beginning with its creation in 1986. He was actively involved in the technical construction of the studios before they went 'on-air'. On leaving school in 1984, Mike started his career as a recording engineer in a multitrack westcountry studio, learning the hard way - no pro-tools, no hard-disks, no samplers and no automation!


After spending two-and-a-half years of his life tearing his hair out controlling numerous reprobates who made it up as they went along, he started a new life at The Exchange and quickly settled on mastering as his knob- twiddling job of choice.


Immediately establishing himself as an in-demand engineer with artists, producers and record companies alike, Mike began to carve a niche for himself turning his hand (and ears!) to many, now legendary, albums and singles of the day: Stereo MCs - Connected, Bjork – Debut, Massive Attack – Protection.


Not wanting to pigeon-hole himself in any particular music genre Mike became respected for his mastering work on rock, pop and dance-music alike and includes the likes of Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx, Oasis, Prodigy, Jamiroquai, Depeche Mode and The Darkness in his Discography.


Ask Mike what kind of music he would play at home and he'll tell you his choice would be very mixed! He'd be just as happy putting on Michael Jackson's Off The Wall as he would AC/DC’s Back in Black. If his son, Benjamin, starts messing with the controls as well then you could also throw in a bit of Abba, a big bag of R 'n' B, and a large portion of current chart hits!


Mike also threw himself into a part-time broadcasting career on a large ILR station near his native Devon, culminating in presenting a self-produced, non-playlisted, across-the-board dance music show which lasted 7 years before he totally ran out of any spare time to do it any more and then had kids!


Whilst still pushing the boundaries at Mike Marsh Mastering to maintain working standards at 110%, Mike spends his spare time at the beach in Devon with his son – either in the water or on it!


In Mike's words "I'm a bit of a self-confessed beach bum – give me sun, sea, sand and outdoor action and I'm more than happy. Getting back to basics in Devon gives me the headspace and time to re-energize in order to throw myself full-on into the crazy world of mastering when I’m on the buttons – If you don’t get away you can't keep coming back!"


Apart from music Mike has many hobbies and interests and enjoys doing fun things with his son. He's passionate about cooking and thinks nothing of spending hours in the kitchen experimenting and perfecting his culinary skills adding a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.


Mike also holds a Amateur Radio Licence allowing him to communicate with Radio Hams worldwide. He regularly gets the tool kit out to maintain his old MGB Roadster, spends afternoons on the sea fishing for mackerel and meddles about in his garden - although he confesses "I can’t really tell the difference between the flowers and the weeds!"


Having been a mastering engineer for over 30 years now, Mike expects to be mastering for at least another 30 years - or until he needs a hearing aid and a zimmer frame, whichever is the earliest!