What is Mastering?

Mastering is the final stage of the music production / creative process before your music reaches the ears of the outside world. Without it, your music could sound sub-standard and flawed with technical defects.


It really is your last chance to make your music sound as good as possible on a wide range of playback systems as mastering is final quality control, objective listening, fine tuning and enhancement, and where sonic problems that may have occurred during the recording process are fixed.


By a mastering engineer who actually knows what your mix should sound like!


This ensures your music sounds as good as possible when it's released on Vinyl, CD or via digital platforms online by way of digital downloads.


Using equalization, compression, limiting and other audio outboard equipment your mixes are treated individually but also collectively in respect of an album. Often, this involves making sure that a selection of tracks, either recorded in the same way, or made using a few different studios and / or engineers all work together as a consistent body of work to create a final audio master.


It's also at this stage that final musical editing of tracks takes place, track running orders are finalised as well as applying fades where necessary. Digital related data and ISRC Code information are also entered during the mastering stage.


With the closure of many recording studios and professional environments in which music production used to take place, mastering is more important than ever now.


There is much more music being made in a home or makeshift environment often by musicians and engineers who have little or no experience whatsoever in professional audio.


With today's technology, it's great that making music is within reach of so many more people than it ever used to be. No big studios to pay for or any time-constraints and budget restrictions in place regarding the time taken to finish a project. The flip side of this is that there's often no experienced audio / sound / mixing engineer involved in any stage of the making music process.


This sometimes leads to great songs not sounding great. Using an experienced mastering engineer to finally oversee your production will ensure that your music is in safe hands and all efforts will be made to make it sound as good as possible.